Food Hygiene Ratings Near You

Food Hygiene Ratings (scores on the doors)

The places you buy food from are inspected regularly by local councils. Here you van view their opinion of places you buy food from - whether a restaurant, work canteen or even local delivery.

Search Food Hygiene Ratings

The Food Advice Service collates food hygiene data from Local Authorities across the UK. Search above for a venue near you and check how things were at the time of the most recent inspection.

Local Authorities score food places on three criteria:
  • The structure and fabric of the building
  • Confidence in management, paperwork and training
  • The hygiene practices used when preparing food.
Food Advice Service has colour coded these ratings to help you see how a food seller was rated at their last inspection.

Very Good
Generally Satisfactory
Improvement Required
Major Improvement Required
Urgent Improvement Required

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