About Google Reviews

The reviews provided for venues are collated and sent to the Food Advice Service by Google Places, Google My Business and Google Maps.

Google Places also syndicates reviews and other place information to other websites.

The Food Advice Service shows this information alongside official and verified data provided by Government bodies such as the Food Standards Agency.

Should you wish to challenge the validity of a Google review there are two methods available depending on the circumstances.

  1. Flag the review as inappropriate on the business Google page – you can do this by clicking on the ‘Google Reviews’ link at the top of the reviews section of your listing. You will find an option to flag each individual review as inappropriate.
  2. If you believe content warrants removal from Google’s services because it is potentially libellous or defamatory click here to visit the Removing Content From Google page to submit details of the incident for review by Google.

Due to the way the content is syndicated by Google we are currently unable to remove individual pieces of information.