Food Hygiene Ratings

The Food Advice Service collects and monitors data from the Food Standards Agency. This data is collected by local authorities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland which are members of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Food Standards Scotland collates similar information from local authorities in Scotland, to comprise the Food Hygiene Information Scheme.

Where possible, we have collated previous inspection scores for venues.

When a venue receives a zero rating, we may ask the Local Authority to tell us why. This is turned into a short synopsis to help you understand what actions have been taken.

Food businesses who have received a zero rating and have a synopsis published are able to send us a response which we will display on the rating page.

An establishment may also appeal an inspection’s findings, so results may occasionally differ from a displayed rating.

Google Ratings and Information

The Food Advice Service also displays information from Google such as maps or reviews to help you to ascertain whether a venue is right for you.


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