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The Food Advice Service is collects data daily from the Food Standards Agency. This data is in turn collected by local authorities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to make up the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Food Standards Scotland collates similar information from local authorities in Scotland, to comprise the Food Hygiene Information Scheme.

Food venue listing data is updated instantly, using information provided to the two entities above.

Additional information is supplied by Google for establishments where this information is available. The data is requested from Google live. Due to accuracy fluctuations in the machine learning technology Google uses, no liability is accepted by the Food Advice Service for inaccurate, misleading or otherwise offensive reviews carried by Google.

The data and statistics on The Food Advice Service are provided free of charge.

Where The Food Advice Service display information from the Local Authority explaining why a venue received a zero rating, that venue has the opportunity to provide a response which we will display prominently beneath the explanation.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect or store data regarding your visit to the website other than general usage and logs which web servers store as part of their nature. These logs are recycled regularly and only inspected if you’ve done something bad. Where you provide a location, we do not store it alongside personally identifiable information.

If you contact us, your data will be stored by email as part of our correspondence.

If you report a food venue, your details will be stored by email by us, and forwarded by email to the Local Authority concerned with your complaint. They in turn will store your details as part of their investigation. Your details will not be given to the venue you have reported.

The Food Advice Service will not sell or disclose your details to any other company or individual.

Advertising and Analytics is provided by Google. They may place cookies, or track your usage separately.